Embroidery for a pair of hand embroidery
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Blue sky children embroidery
Author's embroidery workpiece for tailoring traditional children's shirts: a boy and girls blue a..
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Bunches of grapes on embroidery
Embroidered embroidery workpieces for the sewing of a woman's dress featuring green leaflets of g..
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Colorful Ukrainian embroidery
Author's embroidery blanket for colorful sewing: a female youth shirt for girls featuring bright ..
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Festive embroidery
Author's embroidery of blanks for tailoring a women's blouse and a classic men's shirt with brigh..
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Field poppies of embroidery
Author's embroidery workpieces for sewing exquisite women's and youth dresses and men's shirts an..
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Harmony stylish embroidery
Embroidered embroidery blankets for sewing stylish women's: embroidered front, back and embroider..
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Luxury Ukrainian embroidery
Author's embroidery billets for embroidered festive women's blouses: embroidered front, back and ..
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Poppies & wheat are Ukrainian embroidery
Author's embroidery blanks for sewing exquisite Ukrainian embroidered shirts: a female youth shir..
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Prosperity children embroidery
Author's embroidery blanks for tailoring Ukrainian traditional vyshyvanki for boy and girls in bl..
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