• Sunflowers and Cornflowers
  • Red Poppies
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  • Bunch of Grapes
  • Grapes and Roses
  • Bouquet Sunflowers with Poppies
  • Wedding towel of the swans
  • Sunflowers on the embroideries
  • Red Poppies
  • Ukrainian Melody
  • Red Poppies and Cornflowers

Questions / Answers



You were here as there is a true connoisseur of arts and crafts and intend to buy unique handmade article author BlahutaArts for themselves, their relatives and friends at a reasonable price without extra cost!


Where can I buy your artwork?

Products on display at our official website www.BlahutaArts.com and you can buy them, at the moment, only through this site by making a request. A kind, this acquisition ensures our original handmade artwork


What made your icons with beads, embroidery is?

No, this embroidery. All exhibited works: icons, paintings and portraits made ​​bead weaving techniques bilateral, which you can see see Master classes


What better to take beads for embroidery?

For as embroidery and beading want to use high-quality calibrated beads: one room and preferably the same manufacturer as the beads of a certain number of different manufacturers may differ in size


You can buy the works of other artists?

No, now, we can only buy our own handmade


You can buy embroidered shirt?

Now, I can embroider custom blank shirts for men in the kit which includes: embroidered front , back and two sleeves with embroidered collar and cuffs – depending on the chosen model.After that, you only need to sew a product of its size I already bought the fabric 


You can embroider a shirt?

Yes of course. You need to choose a pattern for embroidery of the available forward and I bought the fabric or make a pattern shirt in size, which made ​​me want to forward


How can I order a product?

First you need to choose a product and add it to the basket where you will see the number and price; then can continue shopping by adding the desired filling or to order data required for ordering and delivery of the product

Step 1: Checkout

You can hand in the guest book or registering to create an account

Step 2: Payment Information

You must bring personal details and address

Step 3: Parts supply

Makes shipping address when address matches the billing data, put the box next to, if not – address of the destination to deliver the product

Step 4: Shipping method

Choose shipping method if necessary – add a comment

Step 5: Payment method

Choose the method of payment, it is also possible to add a comment

Step 6: Order Confirmation Check your chosen product description , quantity and price – if you are satisfied , you must confirm your order


Looked on your site master classes: it yours?

All exhibited Online master classes are BlahutaArts own work that I spend Oksana Blahuta


What better to take Embroidery?

The range of yarns is quite big – it all depends on what you intend to embroider and must consider the quality of the thread: must be strong and washing if required garments product – not painted fabric


You can buy embroidered towel?

You can. And the need to pre-order the available towel embroidery patterns pointing right size


I have a pattern of children's shirts – not sewn, you can beautify her embroidery?

So. You should send me blank shirts and choose the pattern for decoration How long does embroidery shirts? It depends on the complexity of the selected pattern


Stained glass icon – who is?

Icon that reproduced with beads and thread in hand weaving techniques bilateral beads backside which looks the same as the front mirror only and may be installed as stained glass and framed in a frame icons; making such icons see video: Making icons&pictures of beads



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