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The Legend of the Church Bells

The Legend of the Church Bells
Brand: BlahutaArts
Artwork: Церковні дзвони
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Bell mighty voice that broke far polynuv clouds clear and the sun shone, the wind ceased, all shone with joy and enlightenment I was doing, I was confident, knowing, what I do ...

It was so long ago on the feast of the Annunciation. Good evening went quiet forest clearing one bishop.

The sun hidden between the clouds, the street was bleak and even cold wind blowing in his face. Sum enveloped all around. Thoughts began to interrupt each other, wanting to be a race and take first place... He admired the beauty of nature that surrounded him and pondered the eternal beauty, from whom all things pure and majestic. And holy longing filled his heart. He zlozhyv hands raised eyes and began to pray:

– Praise and Glory to Thee, O Lord, in thy Zemsky sky. It is reflected both in Reach pure, eternal sky. Glory and Praise to thee, and thy humanity. With its luster reflected thy deity. Glory and praise thee in thy Blessed Mother. She bore you in her arms and heart pryhortala, holubyla him and sang to You. Learned of her mouth Thou Eternal Word. She became our brother thou, thee but she became our Mother.

The words of his prayer and proceeded to the Mother of God:

– Oh, Queen of Heaven , Mother of the Creator. All the beauty of the world is necessary to let your feet. All the beauty that hour shall lay thee down, like a young wreath of roses. This time had to be then, as Archangel came to you and said, "Hail, favored one, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women!" ( Lk.1.28 )  Hail Mary, rejoice majestic Lady, singing of birds! Rejoice in all waters floating land, zhurkoti forest brook, the game of clouds, in the letter and in the grass. Rejoice in the buzzing bees, butterflies in flight, all the flowers that grow here and rozhylyayutsya and the wind moving! Oh, that was something that people for ever reminded you to think and you welcomed as you welcomed the angel of the Lord in this thy day. Give me a sign, O Blessed, a small sign that I brought this people...

He stood and watched zachudovanyy the forest. There was a Virgin in the green tops of the beeches and now came to a clearing. With bowed She held face, and her fingers touched a light one color that hornulysya it. Before her on her sides and went angels who also barely Torcal flowers. Bishop heard the gentle dzveninnya that neslosya lawn and glided with flowers. Rang even as Mary of Angels has already passed the clearing and disappeared in the forest. Bishop approached the flowers and listened. He is pleased bent to the little bells that were happy to touch the Holy posing pretty dzveninnya ... It was blue Bells.

– It is a sign for me, – thought he picked one and took with him to the city. In the town of Bishop went to the man that cast different objects of metal and instructed him to pour the same plate of silver, but a hundred times more.

With God's blessing was possible to cast this man flower –  so arose the first Bell. The bishop told him to call before each mass, and in the evening when he made ​​known the Virgin. When the faithful came to him and inquired, having a mean dzveninnya, the bishop explained –  a sign to refuse "Hail Mary".

Over time, all the church Bells and bells were cast by today, reminding us of the Virgin in prayer and we welcome the Mother of God and thank her for having brought us Salvation.

The people have long known : when the ringing of church Bells –  the Sun always shines ...

Author Oksana Blahuta

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