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Legend of the Snowdrop

Legend of the Snowdrop
Brand: BlahutaArts
Artwork: Легенда про Підсніжник
Availability: Online
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Whenever son brings me Snowdrops - I go back to the time of his childhood, when running in the woods, where rising mighty Carpathian mountains, and was glad the first rays of spring sun, to enjoy those warm and breathe in deeply the fresh air is felt with a nice cold winter,  nothing comparable, delicate aroma of flowers ...

The earth trembled "and was darkness over all the earth ... and the sun was darkened" (Lk.23.44-45), frosty wind blew over Golgofa. frosty wind blew over Calvary: grass withered flowers pozvishuvaly head, in the end began to fall even snow  – died on the cross Jesus crucified ...

... Icon of the Crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christon the cross with his head bowed woven Joined beads on a blue background.

... It "Joseph of Arimathaea… besought Pilate, to take the body of Jesus... came also Nicodemus... and brought myrrh, aloes mingled with"(Iv.19.38-39). They took the body of Christ from the Cross "and bound it in linen cloths with the spices"( Iv.19.40 ) to bury " in sepulcher that was hewn in stone" (Lk.23.53)

After the body of Jesus going woman. They were very sad: gone their hopes and remembrance of all the promises of Christ – they saw only death and end. Once again come to the spices to anoint the body of Christ and then to see it; life float as still glided without fun, without peace that only He could give Him.

Tearful eyes saw the woman on snow – covered mountain and complained that it was over:  flowers and even those died of sorrow Jesus. Among the women was Mary, Mother of God, she heard those sorrows and hurt her that women are bad and such little faith.

– No, – She whispered, – no, my Jesus, is not the end! You raised, I know it!   Only minute… Only minute…  And women continue to bidkalysya end of the kingdom of God, She turned and said: – He will rise again and be among us, you should not doubt. We have vtishatymemosya Him and His kingdom is forever on earth.

Women are amazed at her and said quite hopeless: – All died with the death of Jesus, all died!    That's  all   mountain under snow!?

Maria raised her hand and she caught a snowflake, that fell from the sky. It dmuhnula at her and when her breath touched snowflakes – she became frail white flower on a green railing.

– It is a sign of the Resurrection, – Mother of God said women. – With little snow men rose flower, and the snow  it's death. Yes , and you must believe, your Lord will live, though now you go for him as for the dead. And she stopped and planted white flower in the ground covered with snow. There, she immediately took root and pryynyalasya cold and not harm it none.

Today we call this delicate white flower Snowdrop. A century later she yells world, in sorrow that we not hope tratyly: who died  RESURRECTION, Christ is Risen and his death overcame death once and for all:   " Christ is Risen from the dead. Death death and to those in the tombs bestowing life!" 


Author Oksana Blahuta

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