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Legend of the nightingale & smiling flowers

Legend of the nightingale & smiling flowers
Brand: BlahutaArts
Artwork: Про соловейка та усміхнені квіти
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Outside pleasure sun was shining, the air was soft and gentle, happy all around and shone with joy. With trees and bushes zletilosya full of singing birds. And now they began to sing such singing, listening to and heard: so beautiful,  such a wonderful he was singing in honor and glory to God Child, with kolysochku What made ​​the Mother of God in the garden.

Lark appeared on the winglet above the cradle from the mount and trelyuvav, thrush cream vydzvonyuvav psalms on the roof, finch schebetav their merry song of cherries and deep red viburnum shrubs lyaschav nightingale song full of devotion and admiration. The flowers in the grass led up your heads, because God wanted to see the child. Vypryamlyuvalysya and vytyahalysya as usual vypryamlyuyutsya and retrieved by the morning sun, but with even greater desire for good feel, that Isusyk in favor of the richer and grander sun from morning sky. Closest to cradle Brothers grew up. They were then small and inconspicuous and had no name. They strongly stretched up, they finally managed to peek above the cradle: there lay a child of God , and large clear eyes saw the sky. This view took flowers so that they had the kind of astonished human face and smiling together. Isusyk also smiled , seeing the cradle of colorful flowers that have looked at it and was happy them, as little angels. Heavenly Father saw it all from the sky and porishyv leave flowers are always an expression of joyful surprise. Virgin also drew his attention to flowers:

– As small   you are my brothers surrounded the little Boy, – She said and smiled warmly to them. Then bent over the cradle to look to Isusyka and immediately noticed that the dry twigs Vine of which vypletena kolysochka,  got green leaves. Fresh vine leaves as opovyly Isusyka whisk. And the birds still sang. Virgin Mary listened and tried to distinguish voices. And there was a voice that did not belong to one of the singers who were sitting on the roof, trees and fences. This voice was heard fully and sincerely than others. In a short time Lady noted that swept voice from the bush viburnum. She went to the bush and launched branches: in the shadow of a bush Nightingale sat and stared dutifully at Virgin. The fact that this is the best singer was so modest, touched the Virgin and she said:

– I would like to reward you, Birdie: colored feathers you are not willing for obedience you very cutest glory and you will have the best and favorite voice among all the birds. Your voice is like a human and even exceed it...

So then in this hour of blessed Brothers got a human face and a human voice Nightingale.

... Jesus tiny Lady breastfeeding, looking at the pretty face, and He, like every child, seeks to make it everywhere: the interested gaze of God the child is looking at us. A copy of the painting of the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci "Madonna Litta" recreated us in beads on the loom. The selection of colors for weaving pictures we wanted , so that our copy in as many beads meet the original written by the artist.


Author Oksana Blahuta

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