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Legend of the Christmas tree

Legend of the Christmas tree
Brand: BlahutaArts
Artwork: Різдвяна Ялинка
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Різдвяна Ялинка


In anticipation of Christmas we are all full of joy and anxiety : pidshukovuyemo various colorful ornaments and colorful candles . And once in my childhood, we decorated the tree nuts that are wrapped in colorful tinsel and candy, although the wrappers I very quietly took out sweets.

As once and now, decorating the Christmas tree, we want one thing  that my tree was one of the best. I repeatedly asked myself: why the Christmas tree is a great desire and the need to make it to Christmas to homes. "No Christmas without Christmas trees" - always told my parents saying that she carries the memory. I do not understand these words. Dad told me that this tree, which made the cross and crucified Jesus Christ. And really, which side do not look - growing branches forming a cross. And the sap from it so clear as a tear. He passed the time. I born children and I also told them the legend of the Christmas tree, which as a child I retold Daddy ...

Once, on Christmas Night, another complained fir trees:

– Many centuries have passed from the time that the cross of wood crucified my Lord evil people, and I still can not accept the way of that from my tree vytesaly those bearcat cross. Mention this to me most clearly outshines days, I was quite gloomy, brooding black grabbed me. More than once I heard how people said, "a somber spruce and terrible leaves rather than the desire to leave this place." And children are so happy in the forest, had not come here alone. No, only the Savior can remove me from this curse. He is kind and generous. When will think that it was just ... I fear gathers ... She complained loudly: Oh, God, that I am unhappy!

Suddenly it dawned clear light as if to moon out of the clouds . The whole forest was flooded gentle, soft glow in the sky but there was no moon , shine walking of Jesus, heard sorrows fir and suddenly stood beside her. Jesus began to comfort fir. Told her that she in no way guilty  guilty are stouthearted men only and it should forget about their sorrow . Tender and lovely words of Jesus zasoromyly her at all, she was given did not comfort him, embarrassed to face the Lord.

– So know  he said  for all that you think of as guilt that you're so sad and mourn me  you will declare the mystery of my death, for today, the day of my Christmas, the mystery made ​​known, but no one wants to know. People want to be happy, be happy, not to think about the suffering that gave rise to their joy. This time , they welcome her singing and laughter – this is the first time my patience. Trouble and cold in the cave at my birth , the flight into Egypt from Herod, docile labor in Nazareth, evil Pharisees slaboduhist disciples: all  wounds big and small that they caused me of shame and ridicule  all one great sacrifice that gave salvation, and this belongs to Christmas. You have from now saying this to people. You shall not only the Christmas tree, but the crosses that they wear on their branches, remind them my death. I will raise people you wish to make a home. All will come to you: rich and poor, haves and ordinary people; you decorate candles, silver and gold, vegetables and candy, and diverse pushpin asterisks. And then you must forget that once pressed my back and was skroplena my blood. You must be a peace tree: you have people saying that peace born of suffering and the joy with sorrow. You suffered pain for me, because thou exalted above all the trees. Many, many children's eyes zachuduvavshy a charm, because they clean children's eyes are the mirror that it viddzerkalyuvatymetsya every comfort that you will present it, and their eyes shine will you Thanksgiving that no better on earth!

 Since then  it took many centuries and more will be ... Christ is Born! Glorify Him!


Author Oksana Blahuta

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