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Legend of red Viburnum

Legend of red Viburnum
Brand: BlahutaArts
Artwork: Червона калина
Availability: Online
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One of the symbols of folk Ukraine is Red viburnum.  A kind of talisman and the attraction of native land "without Ukraine there snowball" Red Cranberry uvikovichyla myself in the legend.

It was a difficult time for Ukraine, when the Tatars attacked and robbed our country and the people were taken into slavery: "zhurylas Ukraine, as were Poles in three ways, and the Tatars four and wept sky over milk plain and over the people below May fell, crying"( R.Ivanychuk ) 

One young girl named Kalina collected in the woods near their homes, berries. Suddenly cooled her heart : she saw riding Tatars. They walked confidently, feeling like masters of our land. Race girl ran to the village through a small ravine to tell villagers about the danger. Feel stood Cossacks and Janissaries horde  cut Cossacks, young married women were enslaved, a village burned, and the girl-Kalina beheaded. Drops of blood fell to the ground and raised on the spot shrub with bright red berries. In memory of the girl called him Kalina.

Red Viburnum grows everywhere here in Ukraine. Not long to this day:  her as a symbol of purity and fidelity, girls decorated wedding wreaths ...


Author Oksana Blahuta

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