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Legend of cherry

Legend of cherry
Brand: BlahutaArts
Artwork: Легенда про вишню
Availability: Online
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Proud abundant white blossom in spring and summer with delicious red berries every Ukrainian court because "cherry garden hut circle" (Shevchenko) and blooms there "mother's cherry garden" (D.Lutsenko)

They love and respect we cherry, as the Mother...

Living in Ukraine once one family. Male kozakuvav if necessary and then sow winterers bread. The woman was to him the help and care of the children for whom it was for. God gave them five sons and one daughter. Went home to his feet, reached there a plenty. Admired spare moment in both his daughter and the children: daughter - beautiful and sons –  falcons. Not to damage their mansion misery for hut hidden in a deep ravine and sharp swords and arrows father and his sons were always on guard. And human happiness in God's hands...

Then came the hard times in Ukraine and enemies 've found a happy home and took to looting. They began against the enemies of the father of sons and unequal forces: postrilyaly brave Cossacks and killed. Butchers rushed to the house and on their way have become of crossbows . She put a bullet will go, and she fell on the eve of his native house. Body Cossack enemies dragged with him somewhere and my mother daughter buried in the garden.

And a miracle happened... the place grew on a tree, which bloomed in the spring lush white blossoms and in summer nalylosya red berries, like drops of blood. Admired fatherless girl blossoming trees, as well as tried delicious berries, then immediately fell asleep. And her dream is the tree that it came from the figure of the mother was near her and said:

– Wisch tion (see me, aut.), daughter? –  Whispered loving mouth. –  Wisch tion, daughter?

Since then, the tree is called cherries. What is the soul of every great mother, and berries drop it big and juicy...


Author Oksana Blahuta

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