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Legend of Barvinok

Legend of Barvinok
Brand: BlahutaArts
Artwork: Легенда про Барвінок
Availability: Online
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That Periwinkle has evergreen leaves and can grow under the snow I learned as a child and, of course, as a child's mind, I could not understand how so... cold outside and the snow grows Barvinok?!

Our neighbors had a wedding to take place on Saturday, married their daughter. Last Friday evening and I, along with the same girls could not stay away this pleasant event. The joy and exaltation reigned around, we are interested and everywhere was full: we helped make bouquets of beautiful flowers and bright green leaves periwinkle; listened to the words wedding songs, women are singing ; puchechky did little periwinkle , which then selected the cross weave of Fate…

The past our ears nothing passed away and behold, one of the women began to tell the legend of Periwinkle.

Once, long ago, lived a wealthy family and was the son they named Bar. Many girls were going to marry him: was a good guy and handsome but also to the rich. Flirtation to him and one girl whose mother was a witch. And the heart can not command... Fast delight in another: she called Vinck.

And then came the wedding day. Full of joy and happiness were newlyweds parental blessing looking wrong moment when go to church to get married. Suddenly, as if from the ground, appeared Witch: Sustainable before the newlyweds, hath them some potion, saying with a curse and disappeared. All around stiff, and when they came to their senses – stood on the spot where the Bar and Vinck was empty…

Mother Bara fell to his knees and started to cry and sob, tears watering the ground where there were couple.

And a miracle happened: from the ground suddenly began to prostate green leaves, tiny letters decorated with the blue flowers, which today we call Periwinkle.

Since then has passed many years, but now every girl weaves Periwinkle in your wedding wreath.


Author Oksana Blahuta

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