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Western horoscope.Elements

Western horoscope.Elements
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There are four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water. The elements represent four types of energy: fire, earth, air and water, vested in each of us, fire is our vital energy, the earth is the material world, air is intellect, water to the senses; only one reveals itself in a greater degree, other less. Every sign is a combination of the Elements and the influence of the planets of the Solar system, and this adds special features in the character of a person (Desk calendar’91):


Aries(21.03 – 20.04)

The sign of Fire, under the protection of Mars. Character strong. The nature of power. Those born under this sign are gifted with strength and energy. I have the gift of the head. Optimists. Ambitious. Impulsive and prone to exaggeration. Aggressive. Sharpened love for justice. Honest workers.


Taurus (21.04–20.05)

The Sign Of The Earth. Under the patronage of Venus. The contradictory nature, emotional nature. Has a sober mind. Solid and practical. Soft. Sensual. Lazy. He has a passion for luxury. Moody, stubborn over small things, but in General agreeable, calm and patient. The relationship brings elegance and charm.


Gemini (21.05 – 21.06)

The Air Sign. Under the patronage of mercury. The character was uncertain. A permanent split. Gemini smart, have versatile interests, curious. Easily adapt. Magic, but irritable and nervous. There are periods of self-doubt. Intelligent. unbridled temperament.


Cancer (22.06 – 22.07)

The Sign Of Water. Under the patronage of the moon. Nature outdoor. Nature dreamy. Mysterious and vulnerable. Delicate nervous system and a well-developed intuition. He is a stranger to logic. Infantile and detached from reality. Honest, faithful, patient and self-demanding. Type of a thinker. The sense of duty first of all.


Lion (23.07 – 22.08)

The Sign Of Fire. Under the patronage of the Sun. The nature of power, nature rich. The lion is the Central figure of the Zodiac. Good. He is a stranger to the effects. Temperamental and impulsive, capable of the feat. Pompous. Infantile. Faithful companion, but not permanent. Messy. Wasteful. Hospitable. Proud and does not compromise, does not forgive betrayal. Very rarely loses his natural cheerful.


Virgo (23.08 – 22.09)

The Sign Of The Earth. The practical mind, the nature of the deep. The sign of the virgin – reality, logic and clarity. Love of order often becomes a mania. The analytical mind. Is a great worker. Magic, but lacks temperament. A shy and sensitive . Petty and selfish.


Libra (23.09 – 22.10)

The Air Sign. Under the patronage of Venus. The nature of light, mind clear. Easily find harmony in life. Elegant, graceful. Polite and accommodating. Cheerful and good natured. Most of all love the peace of mind. Most often the favorites of fate. To love and to be loved is their only dream. Do not take reproaches, scenes, complications. Contradictions cause anger and tears.


Scorpio (23.10 – 21.11)

The Sign Of Water. The character of strong, and life interesting. Under the patronage of two major planets: Mars with his power and cruelty and the mighty Neptune. This double impact causes his character. Scorpio is a fighter, he is suffering by eating himself, born again, showing a type of contrast , temperamental, very attractive, but cruel. Using irritable character has a lot of enemies.


Sagittarius (22.11 – 21.12)

The Sign Of Fire. Jupiter – the planet of happiness and well-being, governs the sign of Sagittarius , whose even temper and philosophical nature. Its a beautiful and meaningful symbol is the centaur who aims at the invisible. This causes the centaur of Sagittarius duality: on the one hand very advanced, the other primitive. Has the gift to carry along. Brave, wild, adventurous and heroic deeds. Has a craving for risk and adventure. Cheerful, good-natured disposition. Original and extravagant.


Capricorn (22.12 – 19.01)

The Sign Of The Earth. Under the patronage of Saturn. Character stubborn, the mind developed. Capricorn is the most hardy and most resistant sign of the Zodiac – both physically and mentally. Secretive, secretly ambitious, he lives in reality, knows and loves to work. Reveres tradition, respectability, stability. Sensitive and shy, but hides it.


Aquarius (20.01 – 19.02)

The Air Sign. Under the auspices of Saturn and Uranus. Nature is impressionable. The nature of emotional, contradictory. On the one hand, the reverie, on the other, the energy, the daring, the activity. He does not perceive the pedantry. Discreet and modest. Unstable, sometimes going through periods of insecurity, but they can change quickly with tranquility and enthusiasm. Those born under the sign of Aquarius attract other his humanity.


Fish (20.02 – 20.03)

The Sign Of Water. Under the auspices of Jupiter and Neptune. The mysterious character. Refined intuition. Despite the calm appearance, often have mental anguish, anxiety and melancholy. Generous. Hospitable. Fair. Heart. Good memory. The ability to science. Rich inner world.


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