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Horoscope Of The Druids

Horoscope Of The Druids
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Artwork: Гороскоп Друїдів
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Druids – closed caste of priests-the successors of traditional beliefs and rites of the Celts, which included the relationship of human nature with trees, arguing that each person, just as a tree has its own specific features, advantages and disadvantages. Each sign, that is, a tree has two periods associated with winter and summer solstice and spring and summer equinox: in the first and second half of the year. On the basis of the horoscope can form a business and psychological portrait of his partner (Desk calendar’91):

Fir 02.01 – 11.01; 05.07 – 14.07

Beautiful more likely cold, strict beauty. Moody, which is not always easy in communication and everyday life. Little malleable to outside influence. Very proud, persistent. Intelligent, has analytical skills, but not always achieves success. Noble. In any situation, does not lose presence of mind, hope and faith. Fir above all things.


Elm 12.01 – 24.01; 15.07 – 25.07

Big, slender, beautiful. Unpretentious and does not seek to complicate their lives. Slowed down. Prone to moralizing. Stronger than others, experiencing failure. Knows how to be loyal. Right mind and skilful hands. Lively, practical mind. Has a sense of humor.


Cypress 25.01 – 03.02; 26.07 – 04.08

Slender, strong, with regular features. Not without elegance. It attaches importance to success in life, not seeking for glory. Dreamer. Not sentimental. Slightly bold. Unattainable in their loyalty. Favorite activity – reasoning on any topic.


Poplar 04.02 – 08.02; 05.08 – 13.08

Decorative, slim and beautiful. Too quickly starts to feel old age. Very sensitive to the infringement of freedom and easily fall into pessimism. Courage and pride help him to overcome the challenges. Prone to altruism. Organized and mindful of the future. Graceful innate mind. Heartfelt. Prone to neurasthenia.


Card 09.02 – 18.02; 14.08 – 23.08

Has excellent health. Dynamic. Vulnerable to jokes about themselves and not really accept them. Likes to hit, to be the center of attention. In hindsight, engaged in a casual situation. Proud and dignified, straightforward. Sensitive, sensitive, sentimental. Intelligent.


Pine 19.02 – 28/29.02; 24.08 – 02.09

Beautiful. Can emphasize their dignity. Loves the comfort of home. Rebellious, able to plan and to subordinate the environment to their needs. Brave. Bold. Able to risk. Sensual and impulsive. Penetrating mind, orderly thinking. Any troubles can leave with honor. A good organizer.


Willow 01.03 – 10.03; 03.09 – 12.09

Attractive and distinctive. Filled with vague thoughts and unfulfilled desires. Vulnerable. Prefers Sunny and warm to stay in the water. You should not believe its external gentleness, in fact, she is business and strong. Knows what he wants. Not like compromises. Has artistic abilities, intuition and imagination.


Linden 11.03 – 20.03; 13.09 – 22.09

Magic, knows how to use it. Easily adapts. Sensitive to flattery. Full of contradictions. The fellowship brings with her a pleasure. Inventive. Punctual. Practical mind. Jealous. A very strong sense of dignity.


Oak 21.03

Full of life, strength and beauty. Discreet. Strong-willed. Uncompromising. Irreconcilable. More independent, but friendly and hospitable. It seeks to change, he was a conservative. Outside life does not interest him, but friendship does not change.


Olive 23.09

Even-tempered, calm, there is nothing aggressive and all because of reluctance to complicate their lives. Delicate. Knows how to be tolerant. Good and heart. Innate sense of justice. In dealing restrained. Trying not to be jealous. It features a great intelligence.


Hazel 22.03 – 31.03; 24.09 – 03.10

Often sick, ugly. Knows how to be kind,wise, patient, but can be dangerous, evil, harmful. Modest. Restrained. Very original and not like the others. Versatile and educated.


Rowan 01.04 – 10.04; 04.10 – 13.10

For brittle exterior hides a strong character. Sweetheart. Attractive. Has a good taste. Knows how to emphasize their dignity. Not selfish, but self-centered. Self. Great sense of responsibility. It is difficult to contact. Vulnerable. Prudent. Smart. Sometimes naive and allows himself to be exploited. You can't fool the.


Maple 11.04 – 20.04; 14.10 – 23.10

Neat, well-groomed, even flirtatious. Looks after themselves. Full of energy and vigor, tireless. Always high position. Individualist. Discreet. Timid. Has a gift in communication is to call frankness. Cynical. Dislikes and is not afraid of public opinion. Like when they say about him. Analytical mind.


Walnut 21.04 – 30.04; 24.10 – 02.11

Composed of contradictions. Sometimes whimsical, aggressive, selfish, but at the same time, welcoming, polite, bold in concept. Without the basics on that can bestow and deny their friendship and love. Loves to complicate the situation. Is not balance. Great strategist. Boldly takes risk. Independent and intimate.


Jasmine 01.05 – 14.05; 03.11 – 11.11

Mobile, lively and sociable, attracts free conversation, despite his desire to be the center of attention. Balanced. Fun. Sensual. Pessimist. Sensible and cautious. Farsighted diplomat. Independent. His responsibilities oppressed, but responsible. Quickly gives up and dials prejudice.Intelligent. Critical, lively mind.


Chestnut 15.05 – 24.05; 12.11 – 21.11

Handsome. Frisky and strong. Fair. Impressionable. Sensitive. Persistent. Discreet and can be opinionated. Prudent. The moralist inclined to Puritanism. Intractable. Gifted. Quick and punctual. A dreamer and philosopher.


Ash 25.05 – 03.06; 22.11 – 01.12

Nice. Elegant. Like all. Lively character, but very demanding. Knows what he wants. Even better – do not want. Prudent. Rarely wrong. Original. Dreamer. Has an extraordinary gift of insight. Tempting fate. Reliable.


Hornbeam 04.06 – 13.06; 02.12 – 11.12

Handsome, but without much charm. Condescending. The type of aesthete. It attracts primarily the form than the content. Inclined to discipline and obedience. Like differences, dreams of awards and honor yearns for admiration from others. Fair. Intellectual. Great sense of duty. Decent.


Figs 14.06 – 23.06; 12.12 – 21.12

Delicate. A little impressionable. Bad predicament. A good family man. Emotional. Condescending. Non-permanent. Working diligently. Impulsive. Good intentions overwhelm him. Realist. Busily. Enterprising. Very offensive.


Birch 24.06

Flexible. Aristocratic. Sweetheart. Can be a delicate and restrained. Full of moderation and tolerance that rejects vulgarity. Inventive. The job takes creativity. Sentimental, little contact. Loyal. True.


Beech 22.12

Slender and beautiful. Always going, a little Flirty. Demonstrates agility and resourcefulness in all situations. Full of various plans that are able to implement. Can a good idea to organize your life. Intellectual, organizational skills and has common sense.


Apple 25.06 – 04.07; 23.12 – 01.01

A lot of charm and warmth. It suggests the thought of love. Sentimental and sensual. Unselfish, economy, easy fraud, but not plain. She is full of imagination philosopher, who enjoys life. Intelligent, thoughtful and logical, with a penchant for science


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