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Aquarius – the nature and scope of activities

Aquarius – the nature and scope of activities
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BlahutaArts – Водолій

Horoscope – table of the location of the heavenly bodies at the time of birth of a person, which astrologers foretell the fate of.

Below horoscope is based on strict sociological research and carries the ability to analyze the innate predestination of a person to a particular type of professional activities taking into account its nature.



Aquarius (20.01 – 19.02)

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are by grace, and not under duress. Archaeology, photography, chemistry, physics, biology – areas where scope for search, experimentation, without which there can be Aquarius. It will all depend on individual abilities. If you add professions such as engineer and mechanic, then we see that Aquarius prefers occupations that determine scientific and technical progress. He's a natural born researcher.

Aquarians by nature of dialectics. Apparently so they move forward the whole field of science, projects, enterprises, develops science, religion and philosophy. Special talent offers in his translations of poetry and writing. On vision Aquarians head all the signs of the Zodiac. They are followed by Lions and Archers. You have the gift of imagination, they manage to bring it to life, but always remain realistic.

Paradise for Aquarius-women is a garden. It clearly shows the talent of the grower and the grower. To oblivion Aquarius woman devote themselves to child teacher or caregiver, there is no difference. Training and facilitation: tendency to do this from Aquarius-woman of the ideal candidate in the field of translation activity. Creative profession, considering and jeweler, giving the possibility to realize your imagination, considerable artistic ability. This applies to the cinema. However, for professions that are associated with the provision of services, Aquarians are not suitable.

The men are not desirable profession of a lawyer, an it specialist or pastry chef. Women – Secretary, nurse, specialist social protection and Housewives. If you are working near the Aquarius, should know that Aquarians do not tolerate distraction, despite the fact that they are by nature quite sociable. Remember – if Aquarius is working, leave him alone, because he's a Maverick. If Aquarians don't work – willing to exchange opinions on the future of the project.

Aquarius – the world's best leaders, they are given the freedom to work. If Aquarius is your slave, give him the opportunity for creative work and behave with him as if he you.



They are liberal, are committed to independence and free thinking. For them there is no good that would have been impossible to do even better. Support progress and move forward by all possible means, rich in new ideas, constantly inventing something new. Aquarians are big individualists, who do not like to obey and get lost in the crowd. Recognise that laws and rules are necessary for society's existence, but want them to be minimized. People of this sign of the Zodiac embody the spirit of the time and themselves influence. They are rational, cautious, critical, and all seek to be free in thoughts and in actions.


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BlahutaArts – Водолій

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