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Capricorn – the nature and scope of activities

Capricorn – the nature and scope of activities
Brand: BlahutaArts
Artwork: Гороскоп Козоріг
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BlahutaArts – Козоріг


Horoscope – table of the location of the heavenly bodies at the time of birth of a person, which astrologers foretell the fate of.

Below horoscope is based on strict sociological research and carries the ability to analyze the innate predestination of a person to a particular type of professional activities taking into account its nature. 



Capricorn (22.12 – 19.01)

People of this sign have a strong sense of responsibility towards their country. Not surprisingly, they best realize themselves as a political figure. Capricorns do not like to create a show, to boast the most: the policy for them is hard work serving the people. They, however, confidently undertake a variety of work and can inspire others. This is not the work that was to them a burden – they each come with creativity and optimism.

Capricorns are good priests and doctors. What would they not undertake – everything is thought out, consciously, leaving no room for the emotions. Tangible, useful, feasible – that can inspire Kozeroga. Capricorn men are excellent journalists. In accordance with their abilities they can fully do what you expect from a journalist: objective, non-Intrusive assessments, reporting. If Capricorn takes photographs, his work affect the heart and the mind and impel to action. If they dedicated themselves to the art, they are simple and clear statements in the methods.

Capricorn-men in professional sports, compared to other Zodiac signs, manifest themselves much more actively. The nature of Kozeroga fully complies with the legal profession. Among the crafts more than the other, they close the joinery, which combines the ability of the graphic designer.

To benefit – that is the credo of Kozeroga women. Most of all, they can demonstrate their abilities, working as a cook, a seamstress or a social worker. Although the profession Secretary-General also appeals to Kozorog, but it is too narrowly specialized. Capricorn women, more than other signs of the Zodiac, assert themselves in all-male occupations: physicist, engineer, pilot, archaeologist, broker. How they always: say little but do much. Profession, which are less suited to Kozeroga: farmer, gardener, Forester. The one, under whose guidance are Capricorns, must ensure that they are fully involved in the work, but also to make sure that did not perebralis. Their opinion is worth listening to, they can rely on. Capricorn-head fair up until subordinates fully paid work.



Solid, solid people who all relate too seriously. Caring, reliable, depending on circumstances, can be severe or to show gentleness. Capricorns are honest and realistic, tireless workers, always try to earn as much money as possible to leave a legacy. They prefer to influence people than the authorities and not only look modest but are actually. Capricorns never fall down in despair and grit your teeth – go ahead. Able to endure hardship, but also love to give pleasure, if the opportunity presents itself. People of this sign small steps are considered more reliable than big jumps. They have mastered themselves in all aspects of life.


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BlahutaArts – Козоріг

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