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Aries – the nature and scope of activities

Aries – the nature and scope of activities
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Artwork: Гороскоп Овен
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Horoscope – table of the location of the heavenly bodies at the time of birth of a person, which astrologers foretell the fate of.

Below horoscope is based on strict sociological research and carries the ability to analyze the innate predestination of a person to a particular type of professional activities taking into account its nature. 


Aries(21.03 - 20.04)

Learn and teach – this is something Aries has a natural talent, so naturally, he was the perfect teacher. It has qualities that impress children and adolescents: direct and open person, inspires respect and, however, he seek to have friendly relations. People who are born under the sign of Aries also have the ability policy and actor. Aries – the person who has the authority. He loves the outdoors, traveling, him pleasure sports outdoors.

Another talent – a constant readiness to help people. So he had an inclination towards medical professions. Aries woman will make a career as a beautician and hairdresser. However, it should not be a housewife is not desirable also to work as a translator, a Secretary, but a journalist, designer,flight attendant,consultant on taxes and even a specialist computer science – the most desirable, because here the Aries to show their abilities and to work with great pleasure and dedication.

As Aries does not manifest itself where required the ability to think strategically, to men it is not advisable to work as a lawyer, but a journalist, a doctor, a mechanic,advertising specialist, actor, jeweler – ideal.

If Aries head – he gives clear instructions, knows how to reasonably allocate work, support their employees and always willing to help when it's needed. Aries want people to be treated the same way they treat them. You spaces with Rams, if you're honest and open, but lost him at least a little trivia – you will lose him as a colleague, partner or friend.

As subordinates, Aries are loyal, friendly, friendly support relationships, ready to help. If you don't like their actions, you could tell them straight in the eye, but without prying eyes and never give their criticisms through a third party.



Aries are direct and honest people, truth-seekers. They think and act soberly, soberly business-like. Able to light up some business and to inspire others. Dynamic, appreciate the time, punctual and demand the same from others. People of this sign are natural born fighters, courageous and able to succeed. They are excellent organizers, and are supported by an innate sense of order. Self assessments and does not change it, as if it did not forced. Every Aries feels close with nature, he willingly works in the team, but strives to retain freedom of action.


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