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Sea breeze set with glass beads
 A beautiful violet-green necklace made by hand of green glass beads and 10/0 beads, violet-..
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Snow-white set of jewelry
Exquisite set of women's jewelry bracelet and necklace made by own hands of beads 10/0 of white c..
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Stella set jewelry
Exquisite feminine necklace and bracelet are made with their own hands of 10/0 of green beads and..
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Tenderness a set of women's jewelry
Exquisite set: earrings with large pearls gleam of white pearl and a small transparent beads and ..
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Vitalina women's jewelry handmade
A set of exquisite women's jewelry necklace L*45 and bracelet L*20 made personally  of beads..
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Yulia set of women's jewelry
A set of refined women's ornaments made by hand necklace (size: 40*0,7cm) and bracelet (size: 20*..
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