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Marta set of green beads & glass beads
A stylish set of L*45 necklaces and a L*19 bracelet made of 10/0 beads and a glass of green color..
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Marysia women's jewelry
Elegant women's jewelry set necklace L*48 and bracelet L*20 made from small appliances ndebele wh..
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Matylda luxurious set of women's jewelry
Luxurious set of women's jewelry L*45cm made of hand-made black and white beads 10/0 and hand-mad..
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Nadiya set jewelry handmade
Stylish necklace L*44 and bracelet L*20 made with his own hands as a bundle of white beads 10/0, ..
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Nata bracelet & bronze colored necklace
Exquisite necklace  L*45  and bracelet   L*20  are made of 10/0 beads wi..
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Nataliya a set of women's jewelry
Bright necklace L*46 and bracelet L*22 are made by hand from a bright yellow beads 10/0 and a ric..
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Radiance necklace & bracelet
A set of exquisite women's jewelry made personally necklace L*45 and bracelet L*21 with beads 10/..
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Romance jewelry made of beads
The original jewelry set is L*45cm necklace and L*17cm bracelet made with 10% white and red color..
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Sakura flower set with pearls
Rich collection of women's jewelry L*50+15cm necklace and L*17+8cm bracelet made of 10/0 white be..
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