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Amulet keychain handmade
The charm amulet is made in the form of beads of handmade beads 10/0 colored ripe cherry, which i..
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An original pearl keychain
Original keychain made by own hands of pearls d*6*8mm (imitation): white, pale pink and saturated..
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Classic keychain
The classic handmade charm is made of gray beads 10/0. When playing, there may be a slight error ..
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Delicate flower keychain handmade
The keychain is made by hand from two large pearls of a gentle orange color, one of which is deli..
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Keychain amulet of beads
Keychain amulet is made of 10/0 beads of white and red colors: L*6,0 cm, decorative part of 3,7*1..
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Keychain guarded handmade
Keychain handcrafted handcrafted made of beads 10/0 colored ripe cherry: L*7,0cm, decorative part..
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Keychain in the form of a flower
A beautiful hand-made keychain is made of a large bright orange glass round galvanized beads d * ..
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Keychain in the form of berries
Handmade chopper made of beads 10/0 in the form of red berries with gold leaflets. When playing, ..
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Keychain made of golden beads
The classic keychain is made with the hands of a large golden bead, d*8*12, decorated with beads ..
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