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PhotoGallery pleasantly surprised great works of beads, icons reproduced in beads; portraits woven beaded; paintings and copies of paintings by famous artists that we have reproduced images of these paintings, using a needle, thread and beads. It like a two-sided wickerwork, like a mosaic and connected by a densely adjusted to each other thread varicoloured beads, which reflecting a certain pattern. A work while the back side is just as only the front of the mirror and can be installed as stained glass or framed paintings, icons and portraits. These are works of art in which all the manual work from the beginning until the end the sequence of production which can be viewed in a Master classes.

Fine jewelry haircuts women and youth; stylish necklaces, bracelets for adults and children; crosses and accessories made with his own hands, using beads, beads and pearls serve, due to the combination of bright colors, both as decoration and a wonderful addition to clothes. Keep in mind that the overall color reproduction depends on your monitor settings.

However, whatever high-quality photos of these pieces are handmade, they are not able to show the true beauty, which you can enjoy and admire for hours and the positive, which emit these works, when you see them live and can touch a hand and feel an inexhaustible source unknown to date, incomparable, wonderful feeling of peace and satisfaction...

Handcrafted artworks are chosen in separate folders on the same subject


Making icons, beaded paintings and handmade jewelry look also here

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