Earrings handmade
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Earrings handmade

Big earrings set fine for adults and children, made of colored beads, pearls and beads of various shapes and sizes that you can not only see but also buy original author or order a copy. Combining a variety of mounting methods and techniques of beading, combining into one color palette we created unique jewelry author who admired, hitting its originality. Keep in mind that the overall color reproduction depends on your monitor settings.


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The following material is available for free download and allowed for personal use only
CC BY-NC-ND artwork BlahutaArts

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Source earrings youth
Youth earrings Source is made by hand from a large, translucent blue bead of Austrian crystal (im..
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Stars sky handmade earrings
Exquisite stylish earrings made by hand from big glass dark blue pearls and blue beads of Austria..
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Stylish women's earrings with black beads
Embroidery Women's  earrings made himself great with black beads decorated with openwork bla..
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Tamara earrings handmade
Tamara's stylish, stylish earrings are made of hand made from large dark silver-gray pearls (imit..
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Tender earrings handmade
Exquisite earrings for children and adults are made by themselves of white pearls (imitation) ope..
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The charm of handmade earrings
Young, stylish Charm earrings with pearls own made white with pink and pearl openwork shade decor..
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The passion is elegant earrings made of red beads
Elegant earrings made by their hands from a large red Austrian crystal bead (imitation), which is..
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The youth of white pearls earrings
Stylish youth earrings made of pearls white with pearly reflection that transparent openwork deco..
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Triumph of white pearl earrings
Exquisite youth earrings are made with the hands of pearls (imitation) of white color with a moth..
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