Crochet beaded necklaces
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Crochet beaded necklaces

Exquisite necklaces are made using the usual hook of multicolored beads, glass beads, pearls and beads of various shapes and sizes, which you can not only view, but also purchase an original or order an author's copy. Combining into one whole color schemes, we have created unique author's decorations, which cause enthusiasm, striking by its originality. Keep in mind that the overall color reproduction depends on your monitor settings.


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The following material is available for free download and allowed for personal use only
CC BY-NC-ND artwork BlahutaArts

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Women's necklace
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Yulia is a stylish women's necklace
Stylish feminine necklace L*43cm from beads 11/0 light green color handmade. When playing, there ..
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