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Handmade new trend

  • Bride white necklace
  • Magic black and white female necklace
  • Magic cross-guard
  • Lilia original youth earrings
  • Anastasia is a necklace with poppies
  • Sakura flower set with pearls
  • Maria wool with dark roses
  • Lidia's bright youth earrings

BlahutaArts pleasantly surprised by the great artworks handmade: icons of beads, portraits, paintings and copies of paintings by famous artists who made ​​bead weaving technique, using a needle, thread and beads and  exquisite designs copyrighted Ukrainian Embroidery wedding towels, napkins...
We are open to all whose work or interests coincide with our




Infinite wisdom and perfect beauty that surrounds us is truly a creation of God. And we are grateful that we can enjoy those God's deeds on Earth and yet, thanks to the Almighty for what He has given us the opportunity to see this beauty in a special way: play it in tiny drops, beads having some mysterious attractive force, maybe it’s the variety of color picking that can create "Miracle" 

Things that are created with their own hands, always cheer each of us and hritymut warm family home, because that emit comfort and peace of mind ... With these things consisting values ​​of our people is – our culture, our heritage, which will remain after us to surprise the next generation. We hope that we are contributing to a better world in this way promoting Ukrainian folk art

  • Nurse beaded icon Theotokos
  • Quick to hearken icon Theotokos
  • The Vladimir icon of the Mother of God
  • The Mother of God with Jesus icon beaded
  • The Sistine Madonna handmade beads
  • Madonna with Child & St John the Baptist beaded picture
  • Mona Lisa Gioconda portrait beaded
  • Eichhornia Madonna made of beads
Ze-widget example
  • The Good Shepherd icon of beads
  • Jesus and the twelve Apostles
  • On a wheat field mage of beads
  • Prayer on the mount of Olives image of beads
  • Saint Charbel portrait beaded
  • King Danylo Galician portrait beaded
  • His Beatitude Lubomyr (Huzar) portrait beaded
  • Pope Ivan Pavlo ІІ portrait of beads
  • Near the lake bead painting
  • Bouquet Roses beaded picture
  • White lily beaded picture
  • Waterfall is a picture of beads