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Blue sky embroidery for boy
Author embroidery insert and blanks for making traditional children's shirts blue-blue colors, em..
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Blue sky embroidery for girls
Author embroidery blanks for making   shirts blue-blue colors, embroidered front, ..
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Blue sky is a female embroidery
Author's embroidery workpiece for tailoring a traditional women's shirt white and blue-blue color..
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Blue-blue napkin hand embroidery
Original Ukrainian embroidery cotton cloth napkins  in the style of Ukrainian national ..
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Boots of color are green melange
Children's shoes are crocheted with a special anti-allergic yarn colored green melange. When play..
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Bouquet of wildflowers women's embroidery
Author embroidery blanks for Women and Youth shirts with the image of bright red poppies and blue..
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Bouquet Roses beaded picture
Stained glass painting of a gorgeous Bouquet of red Roses in a vase of beads and threads in engin..
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Bouquet sunflowers & poppies women's embroidery
Copyright embroidery blanks for making women's shirt with the image of a bright Golden-yellow sun..
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Bracelet  from the combined fragments
Bright bracelet L*18cm is a handcrafted hand made of individually interconnected glass beads and ..
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