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Alla is a luxurious jewelry set
Luxurious decoration set with lace necklace L*42cm made with its own hands of 10/0 black and whit..
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Alphabet hand embroidery
Author embroidery Ukrainian alphabet letters for decoration of clothes, napkins and embroidery de..
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Amulet keychain handmade
The charm amulet is made in the form of beads of handmade beads 10/0 colored ripe cherry, which i..
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An article about the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin
"Nativity, Hail Mary, Joy told all the world with you because the sun shone truth – Christ our Go..
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An original pearl keychain
Original keychain made by own hands of pearls d*6*8mm (imitation): white, pale pink and saturated..
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Anastasia earrings with pearls
Exquisite women's earrings are made of brightly-raspberry and white pearls (imitation) of various..
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Anastasia necklace-guarded with poppies
Exquisite feminine necklace L*35+ is made by the own technique of weaving harnesses with the imag..
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Angel hand embroidery
Angel embroidery for decoration of clothes, napkins and embroidery decoration household utensils ..
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Anna noble earrings with pearls
The magnificent earrings are made by themselves of silver-gray pearls in the form of a diamond wi..
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