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Red poppies & cornflowers women's embroidery
Copyright embroidery blanks for making women's shirt with the image of bright red poppies and blu..
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 Kazan Mother of God
Stained glass icon of the Kazan Mother of God of the copyright reproduction of beads and threads ..
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 Mystery set of women's jewelry
A set of stylish women's ornaments L*45 necklaces and L*17 bracelets made with 10/0 white and bla..
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Adel woven bracelet guard
A beautiful woven bracelet, lace bracelet L*17cm, is made with the hands of red and blue beads in..
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Adeliya soft feminine necklace
The delicate feminine necklace L*45 made of beads 10/0*6/0 own gentle body-pink and lilac-purple ..
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Adornment openwork female necklace
Exquisite women necklace L*35cm  Adornment made by the hands of green beads and golden ..
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Alexandra earrings of white pearls
Stylish earrings made by themselves of glass white pearls of different sizes, one of which is dec..
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Alla black & white beads necklace
Strict female necklace-lining L*42cm made with your own hands of black and white beads 10/0. When..
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Alla gorgeous women's earrings
Fine ladies earrings made of black beads yourself one of which is decorated with openwork fi..
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